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Rick’s Quick Fit is dedicated to enabling companies of all sizes to help their inactive employees realize the overall health benefits of exercise through an easy, quick and safe program that adapts to any lifestyle. Through a daily 15-minute combination of aerobic activity, strengthening exercises and stretching that can be done at home or at work, the Quick Fit exercise program is designed to get people moving – one small step at a time – toward a healthier life.

Quick Fit is Simple:

Quick Fit is easy in that it requires only 10 minutes of walking and six simple exercises.  The health and fitness industry continues to make exercise too complicated with its many different types of equipment and activity formats.  Most people start off with good intentions, however, within a few weeks they quit.  At Quick Fit we feel fitness should be simple, which allows individuals to be consistent.  We believe the best exercise in the world is the one you can do consistently.

Quick Fit Can Be Done Anywhere At Any Time.

Quick Fit is a complete, no-sweat workout designed to be done in as little as fifteen minutes a day.  Because there is no need to change clothes before starting the workout or to shower afterward, Quick Fit can be done anywhere or at any time.  This is a convenient exercise program that people can finally see themselves doing on a regular basis. 


Quick Fit Provides A Complete Workout

Quick Fit is a complete exercise program which includes aerobic activity, strength training and stretches for flexibility.  This program is a mini-version of the government guidelines for exercise.  Quick Fit can be a complete exercise program in itself or a bridge to a more active lifestyle. 



Can 15 minutes really make a difference? According to mounting research evidence, yes it can! Quick Fit is safe - and it's effective:

This book includes everything you need to begin a more active lifestyle:

Table of Contents

  1. Fitness Should Be Simple
  2. Why You Need to Get Moving
  3. What's Holding You Back?
  4. Commit to Get Fit
  5. Getting Ready for Success
  6. The Quick Fit Program
  7. A Motivational Plan
  8. Moving Beyond Quick Fit
  9. Questions and Answers
  10. Consistency is the Name of the Game

Excerpt from Chapter 1: Fitness Should Be Simple

Do you wish you were fitter and healthier? You know you should exercise - but it's just not happening. There's no time and you don't really enjoy it, so you can't get started. Maybe you're held back by extra pounds, bad knees, or another physical problem that limits your mobility. Or perhaps you're facing one of those life challenges - unemployment, a crisis with a teenager, serious illness - that makes even eating and sleeping difficult. So exercise has gone out the window.

Believe me, I understand. I've been in the fitness business for nearly thirty years. Over the decades I've worked with kids, frail senior citizens, new moms, executives who clock sixteen-hour days, professional athletes - you name it. I know how tough it can be to make exercise a regular part of your life. That's why I designed Quick Fit, and that's why I wrote this book.

Quick Fit is a complete workout, but all it takes is fifteen minutes a day. And I really mean fifteen minutes. This is no-sweat exercise. You don't need another five minutes to change clothes before you start, even if you're wearing dress-for-success business attire. You don't have to allow ten minutes to shower and get dressed afterward. Quick Fit can be done at home, at work, or anywhere your travels take you. The program is simple and realistic; it's safe - and it's efficient.

Can Fifteen Minutes Really Make a Difference?

You may have heard that you must work out for at least thirty minutes to experience benefit. Or you may think that physical activity doesn't count for anything unless your heart pounds and your clothes are soaked with sweat.

Not so! Exercise, like money in the bank, is cumulative. It all adds up.

People ask me: "Can Quick Fit provide all the beneficial effects of exercise programs that call for longer and more strenuous workouts?" I tell them: "It depends on whether you'll actually do those workouts."

Think of the bank again. If you deposit $15 a week, your balance won't be as high as if you deposit $30 a week. But a consistent $15 per week beats an irregular $30 every month or so - and it's a whole lot better than nothing. That's true for exercise, too.

Unfortunately, the folks who need to exercise the most can't (or won't) work out thirty-plus minutes a day, month after month, year after year. They resolve to exercise on January 1; they buy a treadmill on the cable TV shopping channel. Then a couple of months later, they've quit and they're using the treadmill as a coat rack. But lifelong fitness requires consistency.

People who won't do any other exercise are willing to try Quick Fit. It allows them to ease into fitness with minimal risk of injury. Once they start, nearly all of them stick with it, because it's so easy - and because it makes them feel so good.

Small Efforts, Big Payoffs

Results start with the very first workout. I'm not promising that you'll be transformed, in just fifteen minutes, into someone your best friend wouldn't recognize. But when you're done, you'll definitely feel energized. You'll probably have a smile on your face, too, because physical activity is a natural mood booster. And if you've been plagued by guilt because you can't get yourself to exercise, imagine the relief - and pride - when you finally begin.

Over time, other benefits develop. Your heart and lungs become stronger, so you have more energy and stamina. You might not notice this if the rest of your life is sedentary. But one of these days you'll play tennis or take a long walk, or you'll shop and lug heavy bags back from the store - and suddenly you'll realize that this exertion is much easier than it would have been before Quick Fit.

Once you're stronger and fitter, physical activity won't seem like such a chore. In fact, it might actually be fun. For many people, Quick Fit is a bridge to a more active, healthier lifestyle.

Quick Fit: The Complete 15-Minute No-Sweat Workout by Richard Bradley III with Sarah Wernick, published by Simon and Schuster.

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